Do you have dreams of coming to Australia and concerned your health will stop you?

Australia enjoys some of the best health standards in the world and has a robust public health care system. To maintain these standards, visa applicants (including all members of their migrating family) are required to meet certain minimum health standards in order to be granted a visa. This is known as meeting the health requirement.

If you intend to apply for a permanent visa (and certain temporary visas), you and any migrating members of your family will need to complete health examinations to ensure that you meet the health requirement.  If you get a letter from the Department of Home Affairs saying that you or a member of your family do not meet ‘PIC 4007’ – the health requirement for your visa? Don’t panic! Depending on which visa you have applied for, you still may be eligible to obtain your visa.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for a health waiver. This means that if successful, you can still be granted your visa despite not meeting the health requirement.

Navigating the health waiver process can be tricky and onerous. It is important that you get the right advice and assistance to help you achieve your dream of coming to Australia.