Our Approach

At Castell Lawyers, we are not your “conventional” law firm – we provide a collaborative approach to the law.

We address your everyday issues across the spectrum of legal solutions to provide you with practical, responsive and personalised legal solutions.


At Castell Lawyers, we know that to solve your everyday problems, it’s not just about the law.
We draw not only our wealth of legal knowledge, but our life experience to tailor a solution for your everyday legal needs.

Different rules apply to different cases and it can be hard to provide an accurate estimate of costs because matters can be impacted by any number of any external factors.

You can be sure that at Castell Lawyers, any legal costs will be discussed with you regularly in an open and clear manner. We offer a two-tier fixed rate or fixed fee, depending on your matter.


At Castell Lawyers, your matter will be handled by one of our dedicated lawyers.

Your lawyer will be directly available to you and is committed to solving your legal issue.

At Castell Lawyers, as part of our service, we can come to you.


At Castell Lawyers we work for people, not clients.

We are in the business of building relationships, not billable hours.

When it matters most, we care and offer an incomparable level of personalised service to get you where you need to be.